New Force Gurkha Compared with Mahindra Thar on Harsh Spiti Terrain

Force Gurkha and Mahindra Thar are the only two affordable, yet capable lifestyle off-roading vehicles in our market. Therefore, any comparison between these is totally warranted.

The Force Gurkha and Mahindra Thar are compared in this video in the Spiti valley. There has always been a never-ending debate on which one of these is a better off-roader. While the opinion among the off-roading community is divided, occasions like these allow these SUVs to showcase their prowess in real-world scenarios. The visuals come directly from the popular Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh.

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Gurkha & Thar Compared In Spiti

The vlog has been shot by a YouTuber. He finds himself in the Spiti valley along with a bunch of travellers from various parts of the country. The entourage largely consists of Mahindra Thars, which is the most preferred choice for people looking for a capable off-roader. Its massive popularity is premised upon its performance in challenging terrains. In one part of the video, the group finds an uneven surface on the side of the road. With so many 4×4 SUVs, there is bound to be some adventure in such a terrain. The Thar is seen competing against the Gurkha in terms of wheel articulation and stability on an uneven surface.

Thar goes first and is seen completing the challenge of climbing up the small obstacle rather convincingly. The wheel travel in the case where the tyre of in the air, is higher. This allows better negotiation on terrains where all the tyres are handling different surfaces. Such a long suspension travel allows the SUV to glide through any sort of surface. On the other hand, the Gurkha struggled a bit to get to the top of this obstacle. The owner mentions that one has to be careful because the Diff Lock has to be engaged manually and the turning capabilities of the SUV are restricted when the front differential is locked.

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Gurkha Thar Compared Spiti

Nevertheless, Gurkha managed to climb the little rock and rest at the top. The wheel is seen hanging in the air but the suspension travel is limited. This indicates a relatively firmer suspension setup with not too much room for travel. This makes the SUV a bit more pliant and stable. These are the outcomes of the Gurkha being compared to the Thar in the Spiti valley.

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