Mahindra Thar Superhero NFTs Raise Rs 26 Lakh for Charity

Among the 4 Mahindra Thar NFTs, ‘Standing Tall’ has raised Rs 11 lakh. The proceeds will be donated to Project Nanhi Kali

Last month, Mahindra & Mahindra presented its first batch of Mahindra Thar Superhero-themed NFTs that includes four Non-Fungible Tokens that showcase the coming of age of the ‘Thar Superhero’. The auction of these tokens started at 11 AM, 29 March and concluded yesterday at 7 PM. To participate in this auction, one had to visit

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Mahindra Thar Superhero-Themed NFTs Auction

All the four Non-Fungible Tokens were unveiled on March 29 and were open for auction. This auction concluded at 7 PM on 31 March. The winning bidders will now become the first and exclusive owners of the Mahindra Thar superhero-themed NFTs. Also, the Thar experience won’t be restricted to just buying these NFTs.The winning bidders will get an opportunity to attend the Mahindra Adventure Off-road Driver Training Academy situated in Igatpuri, Maharashtra or to the carmaker’s state-of-the-art Mahindra SUV Proving Track that is located in MSPT, Chennai. As the owner of the NFT is recorded on the blockchain, the buyer will have the right to display and resell the NFTs. The latter can be done using the Crypto Wallet ID on any 3rd party marketplace that support Polygon platform.

In all, the four Mahindra Thar Superhero-themed NFTs have been sold for Rs 26 lakh. The ‘Standing Tall’ token has alone raised Rs 11 lakh. The proceeds from this auction will be donated to Project Nanhi Kali that provides for education of underprivileged girls across the country.

The auction as well as the purchase happened on the Mahindra Gallery, an online NFT marketplace that was created in collaboration with Tech Mahindra. Buyers of the NFTs were needed to create a Crypto Wallet in Mahindra Gallery for participation in the auction. The website mandated KYC to be done before bidding started. A unique ID was created to identify the participant as the bidder.

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mahindra thar nft launch

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The highest bidder can now complete the purchase transaction through the Indian currency through the Crypto Wallet created earlier. As the owner of the purchased NFTs that will be recorded on the blockchain, the buyer will be able to display and resell the NFTs. The sale can be using the Crypto Wallet ID on any 3rd party marketplace that supports the Polygon platform. The carmaker will send an email to the winning bidder and open a window of 48 hours to make the payment and claim the NFT. In case the highest bidder doesn’t claim ownership in 48 hours, the 2nd highest bidder will be given the chance to claim ownership within the next 48 hours.

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