New Honda City Vs Old Honda City – Variant Wise Price Difference

Here is the variant wise price difference between the newly launched fifth-generation Honda City and the previous version of it.

The prices of the new Honda City are finally out, which starts at Rs 10.89 Lakhs. In comparison to the older generation, it is costlier by near a Lakh. Also, the new City has the highest starting price among its competitors. If buyers find that expensive, Honda has kept the previous generation City for sale as well.

Here is a variant wise price difference between the new City and Old City, for you to clear all your doubts. Mainly, the new City gets more features and a completely different styling. The engine difference is not that much in terms of the iVTEC, however, if you want a diesel engine, you can’t buy the old City.

New Honda City Vs Old Honda City – Variant Wise Price Difference

New City1.5L Petrol MT1.5L Petrol CVT1.5L Diesel MT
VRs 10,89,900Rs 12,19,900Rs 12,39,900
VXRs 12,25,900Rs 13,55,900Rs 13,75,900
ZXRs 13,14,900Rs 14,44,900Rs 14,64,900
Old City1.5L Petrol MT1.5L Petrol CVT

The base variant of new City is the V variant which is actually, the second trim of the older one. The difference between both of them is maximum Rs 43,000. The mid-spec VX of new City and old City has the maximum difference. On the other hand, the difference between the V and ZX trims of both the models is very less.

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Our review suggests that if you want the City under Rs 10 Lakhs, then it makes sense to buy the SV trim of older City. If you have a flexible budget, we would recommend you to go for the new model. That said, dealerships are offering heavy discounts of more than a Lakh on the fourth-generation City. So, you might even save more by doing a sacrifice.

The new Honda City gets a couple of features like Lane Watch camera, digital instrument cluster, new touchscreen infotainment system, LED headlamps and Internet Car Technology additionally. In terms of engine and gearbox options, the new petrol engine is smoother and sportier, offering 5 PS of power more. Other than that, no difference.