New Maruti Alto K10 vs. Hyundai Eon 1.0 – Which is Better?

Maruti recently launched an all new 2014 Alto K10 based on the current Alto 800. Its got the usual Maruti qualities like value for money, great mileage, decent looks, unmatched after sales support and service. Add to the option of an AMT gearbox and it sure looks like Maruti’s got a winner on it’s hands. In terms of competition there’s the popular Hyundai Eon 1.0, Chevrolet Spark and the Datsun GO. We pit it against the highest selling of the three, Hyundai’s Eon, to see how it stacks up.



2014-15 Maruti Alto K10 New Model (1)
New 2014 Alto K10

The Alto K10 is gets a more conventional styling with a definite two box shape. Based on the Alto 800, the K10’s exterior is a modified version of the 800’s with a different set of headlamps and taillamps and an entirely different front end. Maruti had to elongate the engine bay to fit the bigger engine and as a result the Alto K10 looks much better in profile than its sibling. The space between the grille and the headlamps looks a bit awkward though and could have been done better. Things at the rear are pretty humdrum with nothing exciting to write about. Some people still prefer the styling of the older K10 which was less taller and seemed more planted but the new Alto K10 doesn’t really disappoint.

New 2014 Alto K10 Rear

The Hyundai Eon 1.0 on the other hand is the complete opposite. It is evident that a lot of time has been spent on the styling of the car which is inspired by Hyundai’s fluidic design language. The hexagonal grille upfront split by the number plate looks good and is flanked by large headlamps which extend all the way up to the A-pillar almost. The bumper flows into a very strong line over the wheel arch which adds flair to the design. A strong shoulder line swoops upwards towards the rear complimenting the window area all the way to the tail lamps which fill up most of the rear of the Eon and seem a tad too big. The rear bumper, much like the front bumper, flows into a strong line complementing the rear wheel arches. The overall styling with the stubby bonnet and flowing lines looks nice but puny tyres kind of spoils things a little.

Hyundai Eon

Hyundai Eon

[box type=”success” ]Both cars are very different when it comes to design; one is conventional and conservative while the other adds that extra dose of style. In my opinion the Hyundai Eon is a bit overstyled and I personally prefer the more contemporary look of the new Alto K10.[/box]


The interior is where the new Alto K10 has truly evolved. The use of black and beige along with the piano finished centre console makes for pleasing, upmarket interiors. Materials used still feel a bit cheap but they’re good enough for a car in that price bracket. Rear seat space is decent and the back of the front seat has been carved out to increase knee room. Smart but it also means the front seat passengers can feel the knees of the people sitting behind them. All in all it is a pleasing place to be in and has a nice airy feel to it. The instrument cluster is simple and easy to read surrounded by silver accents which is a sign of Maruti putting genuine effort into sprucing up things on the inside.

2014-15 Maruti Alto K10 New Model (8)
New Maruti Alto K10 Interiors

The Hyundai Eon 1.0’s interiors are a clas above the Alto K10’s both in terms of design and fit and finish. The exterior design theme continues inside with a hexagonal-ish centre console with silver accents. The combination of black and beige gives them an upmarket feel as does the quality of materials which is comparable to the upper segment i10. The rear offers decent room for two people but the window line that sweeps up means that it doesn’t feel as roomy as it should and makes things a bit claustrophobic. Hyundai also gets extra points for useful touches like the scooped out portion of the dashboard which is large enough to store knick knacks and water bottles.

Hyundai Eon Dashboard
Hyundai Eon Interiors

[box type=”success” ]Overall, the Eon 1.0 is definitely a better place to be as the interiors feel a class above the Alto K10.[/box]


  • Since the Hyundai Eon 1.0 is available only in the Magna+ and Magna+ (O) trims a lot of features missing on the lower spec variants of the Alto are standard.
  • Central locking and keyless entry standard on the Hyundai Eon 1.0 but only VXi(O) trim of the Alto K10 gets it. Even the AMT equipped model doesn’t feature central locking as it is only available with the VXi trim.
  • The Hyundai misses out on airbags which is surprising. Driver side airbag only on the top-end Alto K10 VXi(O).
  • Base Alto K10 LX doesn’t get body coloured bumpers which is a standard feature on the Hyundai Eon.
  • Eon 1.0 Magna+(O) only variant to get integrated audio player with USB and AUX. This available on the VXi and VXi(O) trims of the K10.
  • Air conditioner, power windows, power steering standard features on the Hyundai Eon 1.0 but while A/C is a standard feature only the top two trims get power windows and the base LX trim misses out on the power steering.

[box type=”success” ]Eon’s Magna+ and Magna+(O) trims comparable to the Alto K10’s VXi and VXi(O) trims and feature or feature the Alto edges out the Eon but only just.[/box]

Alto K10 Features
New Maruti Alto K10 Feature List

Eon features
Hyundai Eon Feature List

Ride and Handling

  • The Alto K10, like the outgoing car, is reasonably peppy to drive and the optional AMT works well in city stop-start traffic. The ride is comfortable  and the car is fun to drive.
  • Eon’s suspension is optimised for city conditions and hence, is a bit bouncy and lacks confidence at higher speeds. The steering wheel is light and doesn’t give enough feedback at higher speeds. Therefore, the Eon is more suited for city use rather than highway runs.

[box type=”success” ]Thanks to a better, more responsive engine the Alto K10 is the car to choose in terms of ride and handling. And the AMT only makes things better.[/box]

Engine and Specifications

 Maruti Alto K10Hyundai Eon 1.0
Engine998cc K10998cc Kappa Dual VTVT
Fuel TypePetrol, CNGPetrol
Gearbox5 speed MT, Auto Gear Shift5 speed MT
Fuel Efficiency*24.07km/l (Petrol Manual)24.07 km/l (Petrol AMT)32.26 km/kg (CNG)20.3 km/l
 *claimed figures

Both cars are evenly matched in terms of engine output but the Alto K10 has more fuel and transmission options.


Alto K10 LX3,06,0003,02,411
Alto K10 LXi3,21,6873,18,098
Alto K10 LXi CNG3,81,6873,78,098
Alto K10 VXi3,37,7503,34,161
Alto K10 VXi(O)3,56,6873,53,098
Alto K10 VXi AMT3,80,1873,76,598


Eon 1.0 Kappa Magna+3,88,000
Eon 1.0 Kappa Magna+(O)4,00,000
All prices ex-showroom, Delhi
  • Spec for spec the Alto K10 is around Rs. 40,000 cheaper than the Hyundai Eon 1.0
  • Cheapest Eon 1.0 costs as much as the Alto K10 VXi AMT.


Both cars are decent products from the country’s two largest car manufacturers. Comparison, though inevitable, is not easy as both cars excel in different departments. Design and build quality wise the Eon 1.0 trumps the Alto K10 as it is simply a class above. But the latter wins the game back when it comes to pricing, especially the AMT which is the same money as the lowest spec Eon 1.0. Also, the Alto K10 drives better and comes with Maruti’s rock solid after sales support and service though, Hyundai’s is almost as good.

[box type=”success” ]Finally, if you can compromise in interior quality a little and if you feel the Eon is a bit overstyled then the Maruti Alto K10 is the car for you, but it is a very close call.[/box]

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