5 Features of New Maruti Baleno MISSING on Tata Harrier

Baleno was launched keeping in mind the competitors like the Hyundai i20 which is why Maruti might have gone overboard with the features that are offered in this premium hatchback.

In an interesting observation, here are 5 features of the 2022 Maruti Baleno that are missing from the Tata Harrier. Harrier is considered as a feature-laden SUV with a premium cabin and attractive bold exterior. Maruti Baleno, on the other hand, is also a slightly premium version of the regular hatchbacks in our market like the Swift. But the difference in segments and prices of these two vehicles is huge which is why it gets interesting when discussing about the features that Baleno has but the Harrier doesn’t.

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new maruti baleno vs tata harrier features comparison
New Maruti Baleno vs Tata Harrier gets 5 novelty features that are surprisingly absent on the much costlier Tata Harrier.

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5 Features of Baleno Missing on Harrier

  • Head-Up Display – Baleno is the only hatchback in the country to have the Head-Up Display (HUD). It is a transparent screen above the driver’s instrument cluster which displays information like navigation directions, speed, RPM, etc. This allows the driver to keep his/her eyes on the road at all times.
  • 360-degree Camera – Yet another useful feature, especially for large vehicles is a 360-degree camera. It allows the driver to know about the surroundings of the car in the camera. This is a feature that people need, to park in and out of tight spots and heavy traffic conditions. But a huge SUV like the Harrier doesn’t have it, while the Baleno does.
  • Connected Car Features – The new Baleno gets Suzuki Connect that offers connected car apps along with OTA updates. Surprisingly, the Tata Nexon, Altroz and Safari get iRA connected car suite but the Harrier doesn’t.

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  • Alexa Support – It is becoming increasingly popular among modern cars to get extra connected features like Google Assistant or Alexa Support. Baleno comes with Alexa Support which allows the functions in the car to be operated even from the comfort of your home if you have Alexa at your home.
  • Approaching Object Detection (AOD) – This is a unique feature in the Baleno where the camera of the car detects a moving object in front of it and informs the driver to make him/her attentive. One could compare it with the parking sensors on the Harrier but it is still impressive to have such a safety feature in a car of this segment.

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