Bajaj Pulsar 250CC Sports Bike Launch In India In September 2011


Bajaj has delivered a lot to the Indian two wheeler market with super amazing products from the Bajaj Pulsar line-up and with the next bike launch scheduled for September the company is going to move one step further. So far nothing has been revealed by the company and speculation derived hint of a new pulsar with a new upgraded engine.

The 150CC and 180CC pulsars have already been refreshed a couple of times and even the most loved Bajaj Pulsar 220 has been iterated, so a bunch of expectations are there. Experts say that a new Pulsar with a 200CC engine derived from KTM could make its way in September or an all new Bajaj Pulsar 250 might just leave the stable to astonish bikes like Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Honda CBR250R etc..


Recently Mr. Rajiv Bajaj said, “An upgrade is due by September which is expected to keep the sales momentum going” So expecting a 250 CC Pulsar, we hope to see a better and more powerful engine producing at least 25 BHP of power and a nicely styled body resembling no other Pulsar. In case the company wishes to go the KTM  way then a technologically advanced 200 CC 4 valve, DOHC engine with a liquid cooling system is very much seen on the horizon.

As of date nothing is there be sure of and we await the company to throw some light upon the matter. So stay tuned for more updates on the new pulsar by liking our official Facebook Page or signing up for our free email newsletter.

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  1. No need to buy a Bajaj pulsar 250… You can just port the engine and the head, put a KRP exhaust system, change the carb, and put ngk iridium spark plug with split fire ignition wires and put a k&n air filter, on your pulsar 220… It will increase your acceleration, top speed and power… Or wait for few months for an after market high performance CDI… It will cost around rs.14000… You can contact the KRP dealers for all these mods…

  2. @ Nishant: who wouldnt want to buy it?
    well,”people who dont want to die in a bike accident.”
    Bajaj is known to make bad bikes in terms of handling (especially under hard braking) and stability.

    So what if Pulsars are cheap to buy and maintain? So is Tata Nano.
    wanna trust your life with cheap Indian tech or with premium Japanese tech honed by years of producing fast motorcycles and MotoGP racing experience???
    your choice.

    Bottomline: Pulsars suck….cause Bajaj is a auto-rickshaw maker.Thats it.


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