Worldwide Sales of Maruti Suzuki Swift Reach Five Million Units


Maruti Swift Crosses 5 Million Units Milestone

The Swift has been one of the most successful cars from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd – country’s largest selling car manufacturer. Even during times when the market has seen a dip in sales, the Swift has sold like hot cakes. The car, which is in its second generation now, has sold 5 million units worldwide reaching the milestone in eleven years and five months since the start of sales in 2004. In India, ever since its launch in 2005, the Swift steadily increased its sales, aided by the launch of diesel variants and the Dzire sedan derivative. The Swift accounts for approximately thirty percent (approximately 430,000 units) of the annual sales units of MSIL. Of the 5 million units sold till date, India accounts for a staggering 54 %, followed by Europe (17%) and Japan (10%). The next generation Swift is expected to enter production by the end fo 2017. You can read more about the current Maruti Swift here.

2015 Maruti Swift New Model (1)

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Nov. 2004: First-generation Swift as a world strategic model is released and launched in Japan
Feb. 2005: Production begins in Hungary
May 2005: Production begins in India
Jun. 2005: Production begins in China
Nov. 2005: Swift wins 2006 RJC Car of the Year and
2005–2006 Japan Car of the Year Special Award ‘Most Fun’ prize in Japan
May 2007: Production begins in Malaysia
Jun. 2008: Cumulative worldwide production reaches one million units
Nov. 2009: Production begins in Pakistan
Sep. 2010: New (second-generation) Swift is launched in Japan
Nov. 2010: New Swift wins 2011 RJC Car of the Year in Japan
Jan. 2011: Cumulative worldwide sales reach two million units
Mar. 2012: Production begins in Thailand
Jan. 2013: Cumulative worldwide sales reach three million units
Jan. 2014: Production begins in Vietnam
Aug. 2014: Cumulative worldwide sales reach four million units
Apr. 2016: Cumulative worldwide sales reach five million units

2015 Maruti Swift Prices

Current ex-showroom, New Delhi prices of the 2015 Maruti Swift are –

Petrol Diesel
LXi INR 4.72 lacs LDi INR 5.97 lacs
LXi(O) INR 4.77 lacs
LXi ABS INR 4.97 lacs LDi ABS INR 6.17 lacs
VXi INR 5.48 lacs VDi INR 6.44 lacs
VXi ABS INR 5.68 lacs VDi ABS INR 6.57 lacs
ZXi INR 6.33 lacs ZDi INR 7.44 lacs

New 2015 Maruti Swift Features

The highlights of the 2015 Swift’s features list are –

  • ABS
  • Dual front airbags
  • Engine start-stop button (Z-trim)
  • Key-less entry (Z-trim)
  • Electric-folding Outside Rear View Mirrors (Z-trim)

2015 Maruti Swift New Model (3)

Engine Specifications And Fuel Mileage

The Maruti Swift Petrol gets a 1197 CC VVT Suzuki K12 series engine with a peak power of 83 BHP @6000 RPM and peak torque of 115 Nm @ 4000 RPM. The mileage of new Swift petrol as rated by ARAI is 20.4 KMPL. The Maruti Swift Diesel has a 1248 CC DDiS multijet engine which is tuned to deliver a peak power of 74 BHP @ 4000 RPM and peak torque of 190 Nm @ 2000 RPM. In this tune, the engine now delivers a frugal 25.2 KMPL as rated by ARAI.

Colour Options

  • Mysterious Violet (new)
  • Fire Red (new)
  • Granite Gray
  • Pearl Arctic White
  • Silky Silver
  • Glistering Gray

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2014 Maruti Swift New Model (4)

2014 Maruti Swift New Model Image Gallery

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  1. Both the cars have different USPs…Honda city has a lot of features, more cabin space and a better hold in India but when it comes to driving dynamics Rapid will blow its socks off…so basically Rapid is a driver’s car. u will get better steering feedback with Rapid and also a lot better high speed stability as its suspension is a little to the stiffer side and the extra weight over City also helps. If u r eyeing for a petrol model then take a test drive of Fiat Linea T-jet. Its even better in dynamics and the 112 bhp and Turbocharged petrol engine makes it a mad car…If anything more is desired, the 207 Nm of torque will take care of it….also it will give u a fuel efficiency of more than 10 Km/l constantly and if u drive below 3000 RPM then the figure can easily shoot up to 11-12 Km/l..

  2. i m planning to buy a new car..looking for swift zxi or punto evo emotion(petrol)…which is best according to u…
    fiat has got any resale value???

  3. I wana buy a car, my usage is only over the weekend and occasion on highways. Priorities are comfort on long drives, value for money, service cost, fuel economy, resell value & other is should I buy Petrol Or diesel?
    Short listed cars are Ritz, Swift, I10 grand, Punto & Figo. Please suggest the best or any other recommendation would be welcomed.

  4. Let’s agree to disagree here……I have had generations of ‘Honda Citys’ in my family & I also replaced my old Swift with a new one, 6 months back. While I was trying to make the decision to pick up the Swift, I tried out every car under INR 12 lacs. One word!! Worthless….Especially as per my priorities, worthless!! Rapid Ultima (At that time) was the worst in terms of driving experience, both the Petrol & Diesel trims. If you mean driver’s car in terms of that it is made for a chauffeur, then yes!! Volkswagen made sure of it, that the Skodas never match up to the parent company’s products. For a 0-100 kmph experience, buy Volkswagen Polo GT TSI (Petrol, 7-speed automatic) or Polo GT TDI (Diesel, 6-speed manual). No other hatchback has it. Period!! In sedans, the ugly Fiat Linea Petrol with a 1.4L Turbocharged engine is the best for speed (Agree to that extent with Rahul Sinha). But Honda City I-VTech (Any generation) is the all-rounder. Comfort, handling, acceleration, speed, long-drive comfort, engine durability & luxury. Try & not fall for the Indian layman’s obsession for Diesel engines. It’ll just limit you down & give you a highly unrefined, sitting-on-a-vibrator experience. Innovation & technology is in Petrol now. Diesel technology has not changed forever. They are still making engines where the turbocharger kicks in at 2,000 rpm. Petrol turbochargers now kick in at 1,400 rpm. What is it that you need in city traffic? Speed? No! Comfort? Sure! Acceleration? Yes yes yes! Does 0-60 kmph matter? The most! (If you are that kind of a driver).

  5. Swift is good with its light body and light handling, but you need to compromise with the build quality as you will start seeing body wear and tears in couple of months you can say. Punto is a very heavy and solid build car. Drive quality is as comfortable as a sedan. Only thing is it might feel heavy when you start driving after driven marutis or hyundais. Overall its your choice..Do not look for resale as today’s market no car can give you a resale satisfaction. In looks punto looks aggressive as its an Italian design and swift looks fine. In swift petrol price you can buy punto diesel. Punto maintance is only after 15000km whereas maruti needs more frequent services. Suggest drive both and plan.

  6. hi guys, i just learnt car driving and my age is around 20. i will be working in about 2 months and would use the car jus for office and on weekends as my first car which would be good?? new or a repurchase? also i would like to know the cars which has comfort as my mother is getting old and below the price of 6 lacs onroad price.thank you 🙂

  7. For resale, the obvious choice is Swift. Got a 2 Lac valuation for my old March 2008 model, VXi ABS, Black Color, 2 accidents & several modifications, 70k km run from True Value. ++25,000 bonus as I went in for another Swift, ZXi this time. In an apple-to-apple, Fiat will lose out every time.

  8. New!! You have just learnt how to drive, trust me, you don’t want to absolutely spoil a new experience by picking up a bad 2nd hand. A good car to start out with would be a WagonR. My 1st new car, which I drove for the 1st 7 years of my driving through college & MBA & then 1st year of working. Good head room for Senior Citizens, ease of entering & exiting, OK legroom space at the back, can see all corners with no blind spots, small tyres will give good mileage, etc etc. If you’re feeling more adventurous, go in for a Swift VXi 2015. You’ll get all the things my ZXi 2014 has except ABS, Alloys & Climate Control for a price under 6 lacs.

  9. Carblog please advice me…..I am seriously confused between hyundai i20 elite asta (petrol) and maruti swift dzire zxi….my normal running for a month is around 400-500kms (mostly in the city).My primary concern will be the vehicle’s mileage in the city but for occasional family trips I will also look for good boot space and comfortable seats. Also note that safety is one of the most important aspect which i am looking for. Please advice accordingly.

  10. Carblog please advice me…..I am seriously confused between hyundai i20 elite asta (petrol) and maruti swift dzire zxi….my normal running for a month is around 400-500kms (mostly in the city).My primary concern will be the vehicle’s mileage in the city but for occasional family trips I will also look for good boot space and comfortable seats. Also note that safety is one of the most important aspect which i am looking for. Please advice accordingly.

  11. Dear Sir, There is a Maruti SWIFT VXi CAR 2015 July Model, White color, done only about 5000 kms. How much can I pay for this model please let me know.
    with regards,


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