Next Gen BMW 3 Series Spied – The Youngest Of The F Generation


BMW 3 Series has been in the market for quite sometime now and disappointingly no facelift or new model has been launched but as soon as BMW started unveiled the BMW 5 Series , 2012 BMW 7 Series and now the all new BMW X3, expectations grew on the other end for a next gen 3 series.

Amazingly the car has been spied recently with the first uncovered shots, though blur, telling a lot about the car. The new eagle eyed coming in the BMW 1 Series, 5 series and 7 series has been adopted in it and let me say this, it is very handsome.


To be known as the F30, the car looks mean, sporty and elegant at the same time. The front is considerably resembling the elder F10 but the rear has been designed as to make it appear different from the rest. In similarity with the F20 BMW 1 Series, the car has side turn indicators integrated into the mirrors with some sort of badging replacing the side indicators near the wheel arches.


The interiors appear to be beige or grey in colour. Interestingly as in the above image a Head Up Display could be seen which is quite good as finally it is making its way into the 3 series. A long wheelbase model of the car is also under testing which is meant for the Chinese market but since ultimately it has to enter our market, it could be expected within a year or tow.


The car is quite refreshed and unique and until the next generation Mercedes C Class and Audi A4 make their way in the coming years, this 3 Series, if launched before, will rule the market with no doubts.

I do hope the above blur yet meaningful scoop pictures do attract your eyes and I hope you would love to know more about the same. So stay tuned for more updates on the F30 3 Series.

Image credit – F30post

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