Nissan NV200 MPV Launch In India At Auto Expo In January 2012


Nissan and Ashok Leyland India are going to launch their MPV Nissan NV200 in India. It’s a popular global MPV which has a good reputation in many countries as a successful people carrier and has a good business opportunity in India. There is plenty of sales of such MPVs for commercial purpose as taxis as well as good options for corporate commuting options. The NV200 expected to launch at the Auto Expo 2012 in New Delhi India will be a good looking variant with attractive visual appeal, spacious interiors and a reliable performance.

Nissan NV200 (4)

image – Nissan NV200 MPV Exteriors

Nissan has joined hands with Ashok Leyland for manufacturing the NV200 at the latter’s plant at Hosur, in Tamil Nadu India. Nissan NV200 runs successfully as taxi in the popular Manhattan (New York City) in the USA and is a compact yet spacious commuting vehicle for up to 7 adults and moderate luggage space.

Nissan NV200 (6)

image – Nissan NV200 MPV Interiors

Nissan NV200 Pictures

Nissan NV200 (1)Nissan NV200 (2)

Nissan NV200 (3)Nissan NV200 (5)

Nissan NV200 (7)Nissan NV200 (9)

Nissan NV200 (8)Nissan NV200 (10)

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