Nissan’s "Health & Well-Being" Concept For Enhanced Cabin Comfort


Brands like Nissan, Honda, Mercedes-Benz , BMW etc are known for their quality and power they deliver through their exotic cars.But most importantly they work really hard on the comfort level of all their products before they are rolled out of their respective plants.

Moving a step ahead for providing better comfort, Nissan has announced its “Health & Well-Being” Concept which has been designed to give the driver and passengers a comfortable in-car environment in order to make the ride more convenient and aims at providing, 1) A comfortable posture and thermal environment to help improve blood circulation and 2) Good cabin air quality for improved health.

“Life On Board” is a strategic technology of which the “Health & Well-Being” Concept,is a very small part and is described in five different steps which are:-

  • Getting into the vehicle
  • Preparing to drive
  • Driving
  • Arriving at the destination and
  • Getting out

This broader term focuses creating an ideal in-car environment by considering three very significant areas of comfort:-

  • A cockpit designed for easy driving
  • Cabin comfort and
  • A well-made interior

The Life On Board technology through a vast research conducted, has helped the brand in several ways including “Intelligent Control Display,” an easy-to-use versatile multi-function information system coming with the Nissan Juke; the “Forest AC” air conditioning system introduced on the Nissan FUGA designed to recreate the environment of natural forests; improvements to the quality and texture of interior materials.

Comfortable Captain Seats

Nissan Health & Well being

This new design has incorporated three new technologies simultaneously:-

  • Seat cushion-integrated leg rest – Maintains a relaxed and Stress free posture
  • Articulated seatback – Maintains the  muscular force around backbone close to zero gravity
  • Three-layered cushion pads – For greater comfort in various seating postures

Advanced Climate Control System

Nissan Health & Well being1

This new system controls three related devices with one switch:-

  • Plasmacluster Ions generator – Helps keep the skin naturally moisturized
  • Inside/outside air control
  • The grape polyphenol clean air filter

Quick Comfort Seat Heater

This new technology is designed to optimize heating density and control which is the outcome of the study conducted in a joint program with Professor Yutaka Tochihara of Kyushu University Faculty of Design,based on human temperature sensitivity.

Nissan Health & Well being 2

In the above picture the heater first warms the area covering the buttocks and thighs and once the temperature becomes stable the time for a person to feel warm is reduced by atleast 35 % and brings a longer sense of comfort.

All these technologies together provide a ride unlike any other technology in the world and we really wish to see other majors working on similar projects in the near future.