Tata Nano V2 Vs Existing Tata Nano – Details Of Upgraded Version Of Tata Nano

Tata has been giving incentives like 4 Years Extended Warranty with its small car Tata Nano to speed up the sales. This is a clear indicator that the sales are not clocking as good numbers as Tata has expected. All this may change with the newer version of Tata Nano, the Tata Nano V2 which will come with improved interiors and comfort features. Tata has taken a lots of customer’s feedback to improve Tata Nano and will incorporate most of these changes in its upcoming Nano V2. Nano V2 will be launched in the year 2011 first half. The testing of the Nano V2 has already started. Apart from this, the luxury model Nano Europa is also expected in 2012.


New Features Of Tata Nano V2 Vs Existing Tata Nano

The features of New Model Of Tata Nano V2 will be :

  • Nano V2 will have a 5 Speed Manual Transmission compared to 4 Speed Manual Transmission of Tata Nano
  • Nano V2 will features an electrical power steering compared to the manual steering of Tata Nano
  • Nano V2 will have adjustable seats compared to the fixed seat location of the existing Nano
  • Nano V2 will feature better interiors compared to the existing Nano
  • Nano V2 will be priced higher than the Tata Nano

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