Over 2 Million Swift Cars Sold Worldwide !


Suzuki Motors Corporation had achieved wonderful sales numbers with its popular hatchback Suzuki Swift which sells in India also with the name Maruti Suzuki Swift. The Maruti Swift is the Indian version of  Suzuki Swift which sells 124 countries including Japan, Hungary, India, China and  a lot of European countries. Suzuki Swift was first introduced in Japan back in Nov 2004. In these 6 years of its  journey, Swift has completed its one million (10 Lakh) sales mark in the year 2008 January while the second million completed in slightly less time of about 3 years. The 2 million mark (20 lakh) of Swift sales was reached in January 2011. Of these 20 Lakh Swift cars sold worldwide, about 7.8 Lakh cars have been sold in India alone! The success story of Swift may further reach more heights with the new model of Marti Swift 2011 scheduled for launch this year in India. Many people in India are holding their purchase of their Swift Car waiting for the next generation model to be launched officially in India. The mew model of Swift which will come with larger dimensions, better interiors and better suspensions and performance is likely to take its sales graph further northwards.


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via – AutoEvolution

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