Owner Spent Over Rs 4 Lakhs Modifying This Maruti Alto – Video

This is one costly modified Maruti Alto K10 that has received mods of nearly 4 Lakhs. That is nearly the same cost of buying a new Alto!

We have seen a lot of modified cars that have received costly mods. Some of them have modifications worth twice of the original price of the car. While usually you expect such things done on a costly car, here is something interesting.

This is a Maruti Alto K10 that has received modifications worth Rs 4 Lakhs. If you buy a new Alto 800, its top-end variant will cost you nearly the same. Many of you would not expect a owner to spend so much on the modification of an Alto.

Most of the things have been changed on this modified Maruti Alto. First thing to notice is the scissor front doors which cost Rs 70,000. The back doors are kept in stock condition. Over the body, there’s the custom gloss vinyl wrapping done.

Further, it gets fully body Kits, low side skirts, wheel fenders, 15-inch low-profile 10.5J rims with 15-inch tires and custom rear spoiler. The tires and rims have alone cost Rs 70,000. The front grille has been kept in the same condition.

Then there’s the aftermarket tinted headlamp and tail lamp lighting. There’s no big performance upgrade done but just the HKS full-body exhaust system. The exhaust is a spitfire unit and you can see its loud roar in the video.

Inside the cabin, there’s red colour upholstery for the seats with red inserts on the centre console. The owner has installed a music system worth Rs 1.4 Lakhs. Also, you can spot the Sparco racing seats on the front. Not to forget the classic switch on button for the engine.

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This modified Maruti Alto K10 is a pricey affair but all mods are done just right. We were expecting some ECU remapping or performance air filters for the hatch. Meanwhile, Maruti has completely discontinued the Alto K10 due to its close pricing to S-Presso and Alto 800.