Planet Volkswagen– Volkswagen India’s Interactive Website To Learn With Fun


Volkswagen is known for its innovative ways of marketing and promotion. Right from the first ever talking newspaper ad to edible magazine ad which Volkswagen has introduced sometime back has caught a large attention towards it. Volkswagen in its new effort has brought an interactive and engaging online planet called the “Planet Volkswagen”. It’s a collection of quizzes, games, online information on automobiles and other general stuff related to our lives, automobiles, environment and commuting.

volkswagen India Interactive Volkswagen Planet Website2

image- Planet Volkswagen, Volkswagen Play

Volkswagen Planet comprises of many sections including Think Blue, Text Drive, Volkswagen Junior, Volkswagen Play, etc.. It’s a very pleasing to eyes 3D like presentation in a magical looking outer space graphical environment.

volkswagen India Interactive Volkswagen Planet Website

image- Planet Volkswagen Think Blue

However simple an idea is, if well executed, it looks brilliant, so is the Planet Volkswagen. Enough of talks, its better you have a look yourself and tell us how do you find it?

volkswagen India Interactive Volkswagen Planet Website1

image- Planet Volkswagen

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