Hyundai Creta Owner Explains Pros & Cons of Panoramic Sunroof!

Many car owners are actually curious to know the pros and cons of a panoramic sunroof. In this post, we shall discuss these in-depth so that you could understand the process in its entirety. Panoramic Sunroof is a growing trend, especially among Indian car buyers. People consider it a luxury symbol and are willing to pay the premium to have a car with a panoramic electric sunroof. Recognizing this love for sunroofs, many carmakers have started offering sunroofs in the lower trims of their products as well. This enhances the accessibility to own a car with a sunroof at attractive prices. Here are the pros and cons of a panoramic sunroof as explained by the owner of Hyundai Creta in this video.

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Pros of Panoramic Sunroof

Here is a list of advantages of having a panoramic sunroof. Before starting though, it must be understood that a lot of these points are purely subjective and depend from person to person.

  • A panoramic sunroof enhances the exterior appearance of a car.
  • One doesn’t feel claustrophobic sitting inside the car when the sky above and surroundings are clearly visible.
  • One can easily keep the car naturally ventilated without worrying too much about the dust coming from outside. This is in comparison to opening the windows of the car from where more dust particles enter the cabin.
  • If you are visiting a mountainous terrain and are driving slowly, you can get out of the sunroof and enjoy the 360-degree view of a place.
  • During the winters, one can experience the sunrays by opening the sunroof provided the weather is not too cold outside.

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Pros Cons Panoramic Sunroof


We believe that the cons of having a panoramic sunroof might very well outweigh the pros. Let us have a look at them here.

  • The safety aspect is the biggest concern with having a panoramic sunroof on your car.
  • It is never safe and not advised to hang out of the sunroof of the moving car irrespective of how slow you might be driving.
  • If you are standing out of the sunroof and the driver applies hard braking, the resulting situation could also be fatal.
  • A large panoramic glass on the roof adds a lot of extra weight. This could impact the fuel economy of the vehicle as well.
  • So much added weight is going on the top which raises the centre of gravity of the car. This will certainly impact the driving dynamics of the car negatively. Cars are better with a lower centre of gravity.
  • It is often expensive to get a model with a panoramic sunroof.
  • There might be a problem of leakage during the rainy season. After using the sunroof for a while, there may be leakages from parts of the roof.
  • The repair cost of the panoramic sunroof is high.

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