Pulsar 150 UG 4.5 – Upgraded Bajaj Pulsar Specifications

Bajaj one of the major bike manufacturing company is not known for the products that it has offered to the Indian bike sector but also for its bike line-up which has made the company cover almost every segment in the two wheeler market. Bajaj is one company which has always performed and offers more than what is expected.

bajaj pulsar

This time it is a talk about the new upgraded pulsar 150. The earlier model of Pulsar 150 will be Upgraded to the newer UG 4.5 with a better and bigger carburettor and a redesigned intake system just to respond quicker to the throttle operations, than before.

The refined engine for the newer pulsar has to perform better than before. Reason for this upgradation is being speculated that Bajaj wants to its all bikes to be differentiated easily. And the older pulsar being very close to the 135LS, the company might have wished it to be different from the 150cc pulsar.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 UG 4.5 Specifications

  • Larger carburettor for Pulsar UG 4.5
  • Max Power 15.09 BHP @ 9000 RPM (earlier version had 14.09 BHP)
  • Max Torque of 12.5Nm @ 6500 RPM.

The upgraded UG 4.5 engine with its bigger carburettor to pump 15.09BHP(earlier 14.09BHP) at 9000rpm generating a peak torque of12.5Nm at@6500rpm.