Recall Alert: Ford EcoSport Diesel GPCM Relocation


Barely two weeks after launching the EcoSport in India, Ford has started calling customers of the diesel variants of the compact SUV to get a problem fixed. The Glow-plug Control Module (GPCM) on the Ford EcoSport diesel could suffer a short circuit due to moisture and malfunction or get damaged. This in turn could result in problematic engine starts or cause the engine not to start-up at all. According to latest reports, 927 units of the SUV have been affected.

A glow-plug is a piece of metal which aids in heating up a diesel engine block and helps in cold-starts. This device is found only on diesel engines as they work on the principle of compression ignition as compared to petrol engines which work on the principle of spark ignition. The glow-plug control module supplies power to the the glow-plugs and also monitors the glow-plugs for problems.

The problem on the Ford EcoSport is with the positioning of the GPCM, currently the device is located behind the front bumper, and could come in contact with moisture especially now that the monsoon has started in most parts of the country. There is a bit of irony added to this news, the EcoSport has a claimed wading capacity of 550mm, and it seems a bit confusing why Ford didn’t think of installing the GPCM in another location earlier.


Ford issued a statement to Overdrive, saying “As part of routine checks, we discovered a potential concern with EcoSport diesel variants related to the Glow Plug Module which requires relocating the module. We are contacting customers to take their vehicle to their Ford dealership to have the work carried out. No accidents or injuries have been reported related to this issue and this is a proactive, voluntary recall action to ensure customers’ safety and satisfaction.”

The solution to this problem is fairly simple, Ford dealers will reposition the unit to a higher position in the engine compartment. Ford India has started notifying customers on an individual basis and till now has not issued a voluntary recall notice, this may be due to the low number of units on the road as of now (as per reports about 5000+ units of the EcoSport have been delivered). The units which are in line to be delivered will have the problem rectified before they get to the customers. This is the first time that the EcoSport has been recalled anywhere in the world.

Sources: Overdrive, Team-BHP