Red Bull Speed Street Formula 1 Car On Delhi Streets On October 1- Details Inside


Drive a Red Bull Racing Formula One car with its engine screaming and tyres burning from an F1 track onto the streets of Delhi and what you get is Red Bull Speed Street New Delhi. Along with it, come epic proportions of Formula 1 style, glamour, thrills and excitement. Under the aegis of The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and the Confederations of Indian Industries (CII), Red Bull brings you Red Bull Speed Street on the 1st of October at Rajpath in New Delhi at 2 pm.

Red Bull Frozen One

After Red Bull Racing driver David Coulthard became the first person to drive a Formula 1 car in India back in 2009, Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo, will be in the national capital on October 1st, just waiting to strut his stuff.  As the lights turn green, he’ll press the pedal to the metal and zip down a 1km stretch, giving New Delhi the true F1 experience.

The afternoon will also see performances by some of India’s leading motorsport talents in freestyle biking as well as 4-wheel drifting. And don’t be surprised to find yourself tapping your feet to some peppy tunes that should keep you entertained through the evening.

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