Red Rooster Turbocharger Kit For Yamaha R15


Aftermarket performance upgrades are something only enthusiasts go in for because they like pushing their rides to the limits and the folks back at Red Rooster Performance are always more than happy to do so for them. Red Rooster Performance, which is an aftermarket vehicle tuning firm in Bengaluru has just announced the turbocharger kit for the Yamaha R15 which will make the already great bike a better one.

The company is developing a performance upgrade kit for this agile bike which has been known for helping the riders getting their knees down. The stability and handling of the bike is something that the bike has received accolades for but the bike has a slightly feeble engine as compared to the latest crop of bikes which include CBR250R and KTM Duke 200 which retail at a slightly higher price than the bike but offer a level of performance that the baby Yamaha does not achieve.


Now the issue is that no bike which displaces something as less as 150cc has ever had a turbocharger doing duty inside it so Red Rooster will have to do a great job to do so. The company has stated that the turbocharger kit is in the works and will be seeing the light of the day soon enough. The turbocharger kit will be reliable or not is what the next question in line is but the good thing is that the turbocharger kit will be compliant with both the versions of the bike, V1 as well as V2.

The turbocharger kit will bring¬†along with¬†it a BMC air filter and an all new exhaust unit for that added grunt. The bike will see a rise in the performance figures for sure but the upgrade is expected to put a slight pressure on the engine as well. How well does Red Rooster manage to take care of that will be known once the kit starts hitting the R15s across the country and we’ll keep you updated then with those details.