Remove Chewing-Gum Stains Or Sticky Stains From Car or Bike Body

Its really bothered me when I found a Chewing-Gum sticking on my cars roof in the parking. It was really hard to see that on my new car!


I tried to clean it with a dry cloth, and my hard luck, it stuck even badly on the surface. Then I remembered the trick I used few years back to clean my refrigerator’s surface. In this post I am going to share the method I used to clean it up.

For cleaning the chewing-gum stain or other hard sticky stains,  you need two simple things, two pieces of dry and soft cotton cloth piece and a few tea-spoon of kerosene oil.

First of all, try to pluck whatever part of the chewing gum or the stain from the car or bike’s surface. After this there will be a thing sticky layer still stuck to your car or bike surface.

Now take one piece of dry cloth and dip it in kerosene oil, rub the stain on the car with this damp cloth wet with kerosene, you will see that it will dissolve the chewing gum. After it is dissolved, take the other piece of cloth, which is still dry, and wipe off the dirt from the car or bike surface with light hands, that is it, done!

I did it today and had such a sigh of relief to see my new car shining as ever 🙂