Royal Enfield Bullet 500 UEC Model Launched At Rs. 1.54 Lakhs On-Road Price


There are people who buy bikes and there are people who buy the Royal Enfields. The company may give its bikes different names but there’s one name that classifies every single RE bike. And that is Bullet. Bullet is a cult of all sorts and the company has not used the moniker for a long time despite the fact that it’s more popular than any of its bikes. But things are about to change as RE has revived the Bullet brand and have launched the Bullet 500.

Bullet 500

Bullet 500 gets the same 500cc mill that powers the Classic and Thunderbird motorcycles but skips the Fuel Injection and instead gets a caburettor. The ditching of the FI gives the bike slightly lesser figures in terms of power and torque. The Bullet 500 gets a maximum power of 26.5PS @5,100 RPM and a peak torque of 40.9 Nm at 3,800 RPM. A point worth mentioning is that these power figures kick in at slightly lower RPMs as compared to the FE 500cc motors to even things out.


The Bullet 500 has its mill mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox. It gets an electric start as well as a kick start lever to avoid the starting up issues in cold weathers. It rides on a 19 incher up front which is coupled with an 18 inch wheel at the rear. The seating of the bike has been redesigned as well to make your ride comfortable and there’s a cushioned rear guard for the pilliom as well like the Thunderbird series.


The bike will be stopped by a 280mm disc in the front and a 153mm drum break at the rear. The bike has a fuel tank of 13.5 litres giving it a range of somewhere around 280-300 kilometres. It will be offered in Forest Green colour only to separate it from the rest and the Standard styling of the Bullet indeed has a lot of fans. Prices have not been disclosed as of now but we expect it to be around Rs.10,000-15,000 cheaper than the Classic 500. Royal Enfiled Bullet 500 with UCE model has been priced at Rs. 1.54 Lakhs on-road Delhi. Initially it has been launched in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi-NCR and Kerela and will gradually be made available across India.

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  1. The new bullet looks great, and I’m sure it will do well. I live in the USA, and most highway speeds are WAY over 100Kilometers/hour, so WE in the ‘States NEED 600cc or more. A verticle twin with balance shafts or the Carberry-Enfield or “musket” V-twins using bullet heads would extend the life of the Bullet, in India or elsewhere. A balanced-shafted verticle twin should have 900-1000cc, 6-spd transmission, and Norton/Harley-type isolastic mounting of the engine-gearbox-rear wheel… to the tank-seat-front-wheel. Then, even an Indian Bullet could glide down the road with no intrusive vibrations, and the Bullet would sell BETTER, world-wide. To enhance the Bullet’s reliability over stock, you should use a Harley-type rear belt drive. Using a belt, would absorb MORE vibration, and be easier on the engine/gearbox, so the Bullet can maintain its reputation for longevity and Value. Is it possible to buy a CKD palletized Indian Bullet, as the Bullet in the USA is priced too high to achieve much penetration/sales, except from those few who CHOOSE to be “different” and own a classic, British-like Motorcycle. Please remember, I’m only trying to HELP, to “grow” the Bullet, Worldwide. I realize you are very pleased with the new Bullet, but even the new Bullet in the USA is very underwhelming, and there are many bikes for sale in the USA that are faster, better, cheaper,–everything, compared to a “perfect”, updated & refined, 1955-era motorcycle that the Bullet represents.


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