Royal Enfield Classic 350 Vs Honda H’Ness CB350 Drag Race – Who Wins?

Check out this quick drag race video between BS6 Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Honda H’Ness CB350. See who is faster.

Honda H’Ness CB350 is the latest offering in the cruiser motorcycle segment, battling the likes of Royal Enfield Classic 350, Jawa Motorcycles and Bajaj Dominar 250. Here is a drag race of it with the most popular retro-styled cruiser, Royal Enfield Classic 350. Both of them have a 350cc engine but different power figures.

In the first round, you can see the CB350 taking an early lead. It races quickly ahead and as the race continues, the gap between both of them increases. The winner for the first round is the H’Ness CB350, the Classic 350 coming in, after a couple of seconds. The top speed seen on Classic is under 120 km/hr and that of the CB350 is 132 km/hr.

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The second round sees the riders changing the motorcycles. Again, the CB350 takes an early lead managing to beat the Classic 350 by a huge difference. The 0-60 sprint by CB350 is done in 4.62 seconds and Classic thats 5.84 seconds for the same. The 0-100 sprint is done in 7.58 seconds and 9.41 seconds respectively.

H’Ness CB350 gets a 348cc air-cooled engine that produces 21 PS and 30.7 Nm of peak torque, paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox. Royal Enfield Classic 350 on the other hand, produces 20 PS and 28 Nm of peak torque, again with a 5-speed gear. The power figures of the latter are slightly lower, as seen above.

In terms of kerb weight, the H’Ness is lighter than the Classic by nearly 15 kilograms. While Classic is a brand name that has been with the world for many years now, the H’Ness seems to gradually moving up in the sales chart as well. While the Classic goes for Rs 1.52 Lakhs up to Rs 1.88 Lakhs, the CB350 is priced similarly at Rs 1.9 Lakhs (ex-showroom). However, if you are buying the base variants of Classic, they are cheaper by nearly Rs 40,000.