Sachin Tendulkar Gets Associated With BMW For Promoting Their Premium Cars In India

Sachin Tendulkar, the master blaster, is not only a national celebrity in cricket but also an internationally recognized personality for his exceptional cricket career growth and list of achievements which is like a never ending list. Sachin recently hit his 100th century in International cricket and made a record. With the exceptional performance and achievement which Sachin has shown in his cricketing career, BMW also seems to be a parallel when it come to Automobiles. BMW is also a globally known brand with high quality and premium cars which are not only great in performance and features, but also deliver decent fuel efficiency and reliability.

As officially announced at the new BMW 3 series launch at Mumbai on 27th July 2012, Sachin Tendulkar and BMW India has come together in an association wherein Sachin with promote some of the BMW premium cars in India. Sachin Tendulkar unveiled the new Sports Line variants of the 6th Generation 2012 BMW 3 Series new model at official Launch in India. This endorsement by Sachin with help the premium brand like BMW increase its fan following as Sachin is considered to be god of cricket in India and in India a major part of population loves cricket as a sport. Sachin’s face on BMW brand will prove to be a fruitful deal to promote the brand name.

Sachin Tendulakar to promote BMW Cars in India

Sachin is also associated with many other international brands as a brand ambassador from FMCG, apparel and electronics brands. He has also endorsed some automobile brands in India in the past like TVS and Fiat. In real life, Sachin is also quite fond of cars and he has owned popular cars like Ferrari and he still own some BMW cars which he uses. This passion for performance cars and a very popular image across India makes Sachin a very apt for this endorsement.

Sachin Teendulkar and De. Andreas Schaff with new BMW 3 Series

At the launch of the new BMW 3 series 6th Generation, Dr. Andreas Schaff,President, BMW Group India said that Sachin is one of thee greatest athletes of all times and is an internationally renowned sports person. He is the best person to unveil the BMW 3 series new sports line for India. At thee event, Sachin shared his passion and desire for BMW cars, he also told at the conference that his first BMW was a second hand BMW car which he bough in 1993 when he couldn’t buy a new BMW back in those years. He owns and have owned many BMW cars in past years.