What are the different safety features on bikes? Why are they needed?

Here are some important safety features that come on different types of motorcycles. We have also explained why they are needed onboard.

You might have seen several two-wheelers being updated with ABS and CBS now. These safety features are now compulsorily equipped in all the motorcycles, for the safety of the riders.

Like ABS and CBS, there are many other features that come on more premium motorcycles. As higher your budget goes, the better features you get. That’s an unsaid thing.

Most of the safety features in the premium bikes are electronically aided. They can be activated or deactivated or changed with the touch of a button, even while riding. Check out what safety do commuter, as well as premium bikes, offer in India.

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1. ABS

Anti-Lock Braking System is now found on every motorcycle above 125cc. ABS basically prevents the locking of rear tire during sudden brakes. It further prevents the bike to skid.

ABS comes on the front disc and rear disc as well. In an ABS-equipped bike, if you suddenly press the brakes, the wheels will continue spinning with stopping the bike at the same time.

Hero Xtreme 200R

In adventure or off-roading motorcycles, ABS reduces the drifting and handling. So, these bikes are usually equipped with switchable ABS.

2. CBS

CBS (Combined Braking System) is the most affordable safety feature here. It comes in commuter motorcycles, under 125cc. CBS is not as powerful as ABS.

In this mechanism, while applying the rear brake, the front brake is automatically applied, which reduces the stopping distance. Two-wheelers of 100-125cc do not run at high speeds, thus ruling out the ABS option.

3. Traction Control

Wet, smooth or muddy roads usually have low friction. While accelerating on such roads, one might often find their bikes slipping and unstable. That’s because the traction of the bike is bad.

To control this, premium motorcycles are equipped with traction control. So, if you are accelerating over wet roads, will traction control system, the instability will be taken care of.

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4. Rear Lift Off Protection

RLP is found in most of the two-wheelers with rear disc brakes. It is also a cheaper option to the rear-ABS. Nowadays, you can find it in 150-200cc motorcycles with single-ABS and RLP at the back.

This system prevents the rear tire to lift above the ground in case of emergency braking. Basically, preventing a stoppie.

5. Vehicle Stability Control

Vehicle Stability Control is basically the ultimate safety feature, which also includes traction control. With proper electronic aids, the system analyzes the lean angles, riding styles and acceleration power of the rider.

Based on the regular riding style, the system deploys brakes and traction control, without letting the rider know. Done during braking as well as cornering, the system ensures maximum stability and braking.

6. Wheelie Control

Now, this is a very premium feature and is not found in your regular motorcycles. Mainly seen in Ducati bikes, Wheelie control ensures that sudden acceleration will not lift the front tires.

In a 1000-1200cc four-cylinder superbike, the acceleration power is quite strong. Even with the slightest of throttle twisting, the bike will race ahead.

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