Sedan Segment Degrows By Over 10% In January!

The assault of the compact SUV segment on the sedan segment continues. The sales figures of January 2021 reflect the decline in sales of the sedan segment by over 10% on a YoY basis. Whereas in January 2020, the total number of sedans sold in India was 39,473, in January 2021, this number shrank to 35,330 cars only. This is a significant decline in sales for the entire segment. While the sub-segments may have seen some increase in sales, but the overall scenario for the sedans looks grim. Needless to mention, this is a direct consequence of the massive and exponential growth of the compact SUV segment in India. They have eaten away the market share of the sedans and have established themselves as the fastest-growing car segment in the country. To be more specific, this trend of the SUVs is similar all over the globe, with sedans taking a back seat now. This trend does not seem to turn back anytime soon and we might have witnessed the end of the sedan segment as we knew it. Of course, it will continue for multiple reasons, but with the same glory as in the past. We take a look at the sales figures of some of the sedans for January.

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Maruti Suzuki Dzire

The highest-selling sedan in the country and by some margin as well recorded a 32% decline in sales YoY. This tells you all about the direction in which the sedan segment is heading. In January 2020 Maruti sold over 22,000 units of the Dzire, whereas, in January 2021, it sold only 15,125 units. This is very worrying for the segment in general and tells you a lot about the future of the Indian automobile industry. Having been so successful and yet registering such a huge negative growth signifies that compact SUVs have taken over.

maruti suzuki bs-vi dzire image

Honda Amaze

The highest-selling Honda product in the country sits comfortably at the second spot. Contrary to the overall trend, the Amaze individually saw an impressive 73% YoY growth in sales in January. The January of last year saw 2,317 Amazes being sold, whereas the January of this year saw this number jump to 3,160. The popularity of the Amaze is visible through these figures. Apart from this, the City is the major contributor to the sales of Honda in India.

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Honda Amaze

Hyundai Aura

The second-largest car manufacturer in the country has undoubtedly a car on this list, the Aura. It is a very popular sedan in the country because of the features it offers. That has always been the strong point of Hyundai to equip all its products with a ton of features and practicality, along with low maintenance costs. The Aura, however, saw a massive 37% decline in sales YoY. Whereas in January 2020, Hyundai sold 6,691 units of the Aura, in January of this year it only managed to sell 4,183 units.

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Hyundai Aura Price

Tata Tigor

Tigor has been an important factor in Tata’s success along with other products. In January 2020, Tata managed to sell a mere 891 units of the Tigor but in January of this year, it sold a whopping 2,025 units marking a remarkable 127% jump in sales. The major reasons to buy the Tigor lie in its safety and affordability.

Tata Tigor

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