Skoda India Sales Grow 65% Stronger In March 2011


Skoda India has reported a sales growth of 65% in month of March 2011 compared to the previous month. There are three primary reasons for this growth:

  1. Business men and self-employed professionals prefer buying vehicles in month of March as they can claim for depreciation cost benefit in their tax returns for the whole financial year
  2. The cars are rising every couple of months and after budget, the prices of cars usually go high in the next financial year which starts on 1 April, owing to the increased cost of raw materials etc.
  3. Skoda is working hard to make its cars better and provide better and quality services to its customers and attracting new buyers


Here are the highlights from the official press release:

  • Crosses 3000 units for the first time in India, total sales of 3009 in March
  • Combined first quarter sales of 8346 units
  • First quarter growth of 52 % as compared to 2010

Skoda India today announced a sales growth of 52% for quarter ending March’11 over the same period last year. SkodaAuto India’s total sales for Q1 of March’11 stood at 8346 units against 5510 units in quarter ending March’10. SkodaAuto India’s total sales for March’11 stood at 3009 units against 1824 units March’10.

The beginning of 2011 has been very encouraging for Skoda Auto as it recorded a healthy surge in sales figures. This growth graph is the result of many initiatives by the company, primarily the expanding dealer network and robust after sales initiatives.

Speaking about the quarterly numbers Mr. Thomas Kuehl, Board Member, Sales and Marketing, SkodaAuto India said, “We are extremely happy with our first quarter growth of 52%. The results reflect the prominent presence of SkodaAuto in the Indian automobile market and acceptance of our value for money products in the country. The growth trajectory is the testament of Skoda’s commitment towards consumers through leading technology, superior build-quality and valuable services.”

SkodaAuto India recently inaugurated its second 3S facility in Goa and increased the number of authorized dealerships to 80, covering 52 cities and towns in India.

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