Skoda Going Strong In India– Rapid Accelerating Sales Strongly


In an official press conference in Mumbai, India on 1st March 2012, Mr. Jurgen Stackmann, Board Member of Sales and marketing at Skoda revealed some stats and figures about Skoda’s growth and plans for India. This this article we will share the some of these sales numbers and some detailed revealed by Mr. Jurgen Stackmann in India.

First of all Stackmann expressed that India is a very important market for Skoda. With its strong commitment and robust product line, Skoda expects to raise its global sales to at least 1.5 million by year 2018. From now on, Skoda will bring one new product every 6 months to achieve its global sales target by 2018. For this, necessary investments and capacity expansion plans will be executed.

l-r Mr.Thomas Kuehl,Mr.Sudhir Rao and Mr.Jurgen Stackmann at the SKODA press conference in Mumbai - 01.03.12

image – l-r Mr.Thomas Kuehl,Mr.Sudhir Rao and Mr.Jurgen Stackmann at the SKODA press conference in Mumbai

Some other key points from the press conference include

  • In India, for January and February 2012, Skoda sold 6781 cars; a plus of 29% percent as compared to the same period in 2011. In February, Skoda sold 2204 Skoda Rapids.
  • 2011 was the most successful year to date in Skoda’s corporate history. At 879,200 units, Skoda sold more cars than ever before in a single year. Deliveries rose by more than 15 per cent compared to 2010
  • In 2011, Skoda’s sales in India rose by no less than 50 percent to about 30,000 units
  • Skoda’s market share grew to a new all-time high of 1.31 percent
  • The year 2012 has been good so far, raising global deliveries month-on-month yet again and
  • Achieving a new high for January: 75,400 Skoda’s sold translate into an advance of 10.2 percent compared to January last year
  • 60 percent of Skoda cars are sold in Europe and 40 percent in the emerging countries. Skoda is aiming to turn this relationship upside down by 2018 –  60 percent of Skoda sales should be in the regions outside of Europe

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