Skoda Kushaq Upto Rs 1,10,000 COSTLIER Than Slavia With Same Kit

The prices of Skoda Slava with the 1.0-litre TSI petrol engine are out and they are aggressive. We compare these with the prices of the Kushaq mid-size SUV.

Skoda Slavia has been launched in the Indian market and the price comparison with the Kushaq is imminent. This is because both of these share the same powertrain options and a ton of features are similar too. More importantly, the prices overlap giving the buyers the option to choose either of these two. This is quite exciting as these two belong to two completely different segments. The sedan segment has been losing popularity in recent years due to an aggressive onslaught from the SUVs. Let us check out the Skoda Slavia 1.0 vs Kushaq 1.0 price comparison to make sense of which is the better option for you.

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Skoda Kushaq vs Slavia Price Comparison
Prices of Skoda Kushaq and Slavia differ from Rs 30,000-1,10,000 in spite of same features and engine

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Skoda Slavia 1.0 vs Kushaq 1.0 Price Comparison

The Slavia belongs to the premium mid-size sedan segment and the 1.0-litre TSI turbo petrol engine-powered model ranges between Rs 10.69 lakh and Rs 15.39 lakh, ex-showroom. While the Kushaq SUV with a similar powertrain retails for Rs 10.99 lakh and goes all the way up to Rs 16.49 lakh, ex-showroom. The tabular representation for both the car prices is shown below.

Variants & Prices (in lakh)Skoda Slavia 1.0Skoda Kushaq 1.0
Ambition AT13.5914.19
Style (sunroof)13.99
Style AT15.3916.49 (with 6 Airbags)

As seen from the table above, there is an increment of about Rs 30,000 for the base trims while the difference keeps getting higher as we progress through the mid and top trims. This is to be expected as Kushaq is a mid-size SUV and a bigger body and the prices of the rivals in the segment are at par. On the other hand, Slavia is also priced quite aggressively and at par with its segment rivals too.

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Which one should you buy?

Well, there is nothing inherently different about these two vehicles apart from the fact that they belong to different segments. The powertrain options, features, interior bits, some components, the MQB A0 IN platform are all but similar. Hence, it really boils down to what you want to use your vehicle as. If you are someone who goes out on off-road conditions or beaten up patches on the roads, people prefer having SUVs rather than sedans. Although the Slavia also has a decent ground clearance of 179 mm which is great for the segment.

skoda slavia prices start at rs 10.70 lakh
Launched recently, prices of the Skoda Slavia 1.0 start at Rs 10.69 lakh (ex-showroom) onwards.

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It also has the biggest boot in the segment. If you want luxury with great boot space to travel with your family on a highway, the Slavia will make more sense. But if your commute involves treading the beaten paths, an SUV is the way to go.

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