Here’s How Skoda Kushaq is Safer Than Tata Nexon with Similar 5-star Rating

Skoda and VW products are known for being super safe and tough and that has been officiated by GNCAP after both the SUVs received a full 5-star rating.

The crash test results of the Skoda Kushaq and VW Taigun are out and they have passed with flying colours. Now, VW Group (of which Skoda is a subsidiary) is renowned for manufacturing products that focus on safety and driving dynamics. Being European SUVs, passing the stringent Euro NCAP crash test is quite difficult. But it also means that these vehicles are designed keeping in mind the utmost safety. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Kushaq and Taigun scored a 5-star safety rating at the GNCAP under the new regulations. In fact, they are the first ones in the country to have a 5-star rating in the child protection category.

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Skoda Kushaq and VW Taigun Score 5-Star GNCAP Safety Rating
Skoda Kushaq and VW Taigun Score 5-Star GNCAP Safety Rating

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Skoda Kushaq vs Tata Nexon – Which is Safer?

Both Skoda Kushaq and Tata Nexon have got a 5-star rating. However, it’s the former that’s clearly the safer option. It must be noted that the Kushaq is the first-ever Indian model to be tested as per the revised, more stringent parameters. It’s got a 5-star score in both adult and child protection. In comparison, the Tata Nexon has a 4-star rating in the child protection. In fact, the Nexon even had a 4-star adult protection rating initially. However, NCAP revised the rating to 5-star after the SUV received seatbelt reminder for the front occupants along with a full channel ABS for all wheels.

Tata Nexon NCAP Safety Ratings
Tata Nexon NCAP Safety Ratings

Even if you look at the scores, the Skoda Kushaq is clearly the safer option. Even if you keep aside the fact that the German SUVs were tested as per the stricter norms. the scores are still in their favour. The Nexon has scored 16.06/17 for adult protection and 25/49 for child protection. In comparison, the Kushaq gets 29.64/34 in adult protection and 42/49 in child protection. This not just makes the Kushaq and the Taigun the first models to get 5-star rating as per the more demanding tests, but also the safest cars of the country.

Skoda Kushaq and VW Taigun Safety Ratings

As per the official report by GNCAP, the protection to the head and neck of the driver and passenger was rated good, while the driver’s chest protection was rated adequate and that of the passenger was rated good. Additionally, both driver’s and passenger’s knees displayed good protection and the footwell area was rated as stable. More importantly, the bodyshell was deemed stable and capable of withstanding further loads. This is the real test and status of the build quality.

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In the side impact test, the head, abdomen and pelvis protection was good while the chest protection was marginal. The ESC (Electronic Stability Control) meets the fitment rate requirements and the performance shown in the test was in accordance with Global NCAP’s latest requirements. In the side pole impact, curtain airbags fitment ensured good protection for the head and pelvis, adequate protection for the abdomen and marginal protection for the chest. For adult protection, the overall score was an impressive 29.64 out of 34.

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Child Safety Protection

For the Child Protection category, the child seat for the 3-year-old was installed rearward facing using i-Size anchorages. It was able to prevent head exposure during the frontal impact offering full protection. A similar assessment was made for the 18-month-old child. The SUVs offer 3-point seatbelts for all passengers as standard. The overall rating in this category was a cool 42 out of a possible 49. This makes it the only car in the country to have a 5-star rating in Child Occupancy. Now, this is one area where the Kushaq has a clear upper hand over the Nexon. The Skoda Kushaq as well as the VW Taigun are clearly safer options than the Tata Nexon.

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