Skoda Octavia Replacement Coming Soon By SkodaAuto


Skoda, one of the best brands which offers extremely well built and powerful cars is all set to make a replacement for one of its existing models. The car which we are talking about is the most adored one after the iconic Mitsubishi Lancer. Skoda Octavia is the car which we are talking about and we all know how popular the car is in our country.


This premium sedan is damn powerful and offers a number of cool features with a price tag affordable enough for most of the upper middle class families. The news is that a top official has disclosed recently that Skoda is developing a car to replace the current Skoda Octavia.

SkodaAuto India Sales and Marketing Director Thomas Kuehl told the reporters β€œWe are developing a completely new car, to be successor of Octavia…It will be a ar also positioned in the ‘C’ segment," He further added,”The company engineers are developing the car at their headquarters and it is likely to be rolled out in India by the second half of 2011,”

But that is not the end, the company is also ready with the Skoda Yeti SUV which will be out on the Indian roads within a few weeks. Refusing to disclose more he added, "Skoda Yeti was displayed in the Auto Expo held (in Delhi) this year… It will be launched in four weeks time.We haven’t announced the price of the SUV vehicle… Yet we have already got more than 1,000 bookings,”

The plans are good and we expect the replacement to be more efficient and powerful than the Octavia with a price tag well around the current one.

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