Speeding Ford Ecosport Falls Off-Highway In A Ditch – See The Impact

Check out this recent accident of a Ford Ecosport where it went off the highway and fell into a ditch, but kept its passengers safe.

Ford Ecosport was the first sub compact SUV to be launched in India and made way for so many in the segment now. It is still among the oldest SUVs in India, as it has not received a generation update in the last 6-7 years. Ecosport is known for having a long lasting life and strong build quality, and here is an example of that.

The owner of this Ford Ecosport was travelling on country roads and was at a considerable speed. Since it was a highway, the speed was good but suddenly a Nilgai jumped in front of the SUV. The owner could not apply the brakes in time and lost control of the SUV. Due to the speed and impact, it fell into a ditch which was on the side of the highway.

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You can see that this Ford Ecosport has received heavy damage on the front portion. The front passenger side wheel has been twisted completely. The bumpers and grille have come off from the bracket and even the bonnet has crumpled. The side fenders and doors have also received a considerable damage.

All the passengers seated inside the Ecosport walked away without any injuries. Thankfully the airbags have been deployed and since it looks like the top-end variant, it gets six airbags. While Ecosport has not gone through the crash test for India, the India-spec model has received 4-star rating in the Latin NCAP crash test.

Ford Ecosport is one of the most preferred SUVs in its segment when it comes to driving. It boasts of sharp handling feedback and its powerful engines. 1.5 Litre petrol and diesel engines perform their duty on the SUV, the former only offered with the option of an automatic gearbox.