Speeding Honda Jazz Rams Into An Oncoming Toyota Qualis – See Impact

A Honda Jazz and a Toyota Qualis have a head-on collision after both are running at high speed. However, the build quality of Jazz comes as a saviour here.

While the Honda cars may not have fancy safety ratings on their bio-data, we all know their cars are durable and well built. Recently, we saw an accident of Honda City and how its build quality saved passengers even after seeing a 40-feet fall. Now, here’s another heroic stint by a Honda Jazz which kept all five passengers safe.

The owner of Honda Jazz was travelling from Hyderabad to Bangalore on a highway, while his speed was about 120 km/hr. On the other hand, a Toyota Qualis was speeding in the wrong lane from the opposite side. Probably due to low visibility, both the cars had a head-on collision at a speed of around 100-120 km/hr.

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At such high speed, we can imagine how hard the impact must be. As you can see the Jazz above, it has been totalled. It is completely damaged well beyond repair. The front portion is no longer there and the impact has also reached the engine component. The front windscreen has also been shattered.

If you see, the driver side of the car where the Qualis hit has been crumpled. However, on the right passenger side, the damage is lower. Inside the cabin, the steering wheel has come off due to the impact and the airbags have also deployed. One of the reasons for Jazz to have more impact than the Qualis is because the latter got bull bars.

The owner of Jazz along with four other passengers got out safely with just some minor injuries. Unfortunately, the driver of Qualis could not make it. The owner has appreciated the build quality of Honda Jazz and now plans to continue with Honda again. The model in question looks like the pre-facelift (BS4) one. Even before the safety norms were not a thing, Jazz offered dual front airbags on some variants.