Suzuki To Focus On Premium Bikes Rather Than Commuters – Report

Reports suggest that just like Yamaha, Suzuki is also taking its focus off the commuter motorcycles and is planning for launching new premium motorcycles.

A couple of months back, Yamaha Motor India confirmed that it would no longer focus on the commuter level motorcycles. The reason is because its market share in that segment was decreasing over time.

The same process is now adapted by Suzuki, which is also planning to focus only on premium motorcycles. It means motorcycles above 150cc, which starts from Gixxer and Intruder.

In the commuter segment, it only has Hayate which remained unsold in April 2019. For the past one year, it has barely reported more than 1000 sales units. While its competitors like Splendor are running in Lakhs of units.

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As per the recent studies, the entry-level premium motorcycle segment (250-500cc) is trending. More and more people are going for these bikes because they are good for touring and are doable in the city traffic as well.

Looking at the engine capabilities, all of these bikes have a top speed of more than 100 km/hr, which is good for the highways. Since they are not much high capacity bikes, they perform alright in the stop-and-go city commute.

Looking at the mileage part, these bikes offer an economy of between 25-40 kmpl, depending on the engine capacity. For a person who is looking to jazz up his daily ride and earning to spend more than a Lakh, it seems a good choice.

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Devashish Handa, VP of Suzuki Motorcycle India said to TOI that,
“As part of our clear cut new product strategy, all our new motorcycle introductions will be greater than 150 cc displacement starting from Gixxer SF250 onwards. All new product introductions will be higher than this category and we do not intend to be in the commuter part of the market at all. We would like to satisfy the aspirational and passion need of the customer instead of functional needs.”

The manufacturer has already planned to launch the updated Gixxer 155 and 250cc Gixxer too. Reports suggest that Intruder might also get the new 250cc engine, by next year.