Tata Aria 4×2 and Low Cost Variants Launch In India by End of 2011


Tata Motors has struggled hard to promote Tata Aria MPV, the first India crossover car. So far, the sales of Aria in India have not been impressive, the main reason being the high cost. The kind of features and gadgetry which Aria make the price point higher and make it difficult to cut on cost. The low end variant of Aria 4×4 was launched at a price of 12.91 Lakhs which is quite high for an Indian cost sensitive buyer.



No automaker wans low sales of a product designed with lots of hard work and innovative ideas. To pump up the sales of Aria, Tata is developing a 4×2 or a front wheel drive variant of Tata Aria. The new variant will offer similar features and gadgetry but cutting down on the power train from a 4-wheel drive to a front wheel drive. This will help Tata to cut down on the cost by as much as Rs. 1 Lakh.

Besides the 4×2, Tata will also make a stripped down variant of the Aria 4×2 which will offer some less features and gadgetry compared to the 4×4. The low cost variant will cost close to Rs. 10.5 Lakhs as against 12.9 Lakhs for the base variant of 4×4 with its features and gadgetry.

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