Tata Car Prices Hiked In India Effective From 1 April 2011–Details


Tata Motors cars will get costlier in India starting next financial year starting April 2011. Although it has nothing to do with the taxes, the price rise has more to do with rising input cost because of crazy inflation in India. Everything is just getting costlier and costlier every passing day !




The increase in prices of Tata cars in India will be as follows:

  • Tata Indica price will be increased by up to Rs. 9000
  • Tata Indica Vista and Indigo CS prices will be increased by up to Rs. 11000
  • Tata Indigo Manza prices will be increased by up to Rs. 15000
  • Tata Venture MPV Prices will increase by up to Rs. 12000
  • Tata Sumo Prices will be hiked by up to Rs. 15000
  • Tata Sumo Grande Prices will go high up to Rs. 19000
  • Tata Safari SUV prices will go up by up to Rs. 29000
  • Tata Aria Crossover Prices will go high by up to Rs. 36000

So if you are planning to buy a Tata Car, watch out for a booking before 1st April 2011, else you may have to bear an extra hole in the pocket !

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