How About a Tata CURVV 6-Seater SUV to Rival Jeep Meridian?

Unveiled earlier this week, the Tata CURVV concept previews an upcoming compact e-SUV that will even get ICE versions but what’s your view on a 6-seater model like the Jeep Meridian?

The SUV space just keeps getting hotter! Recently, Jeep India took the covers off the Compass-based three-row SUV that will be sold as the Jeep Meridian. The new model shares aplenty with the donor car but has a higher street presence courtesy Commander-inspired styling bits and a larger footprint. On the other hand, more recently, Tata Motors unveiled the stunning CURVV concept that previews an upcoming electric compact SUV that will get ICE versions a year after its launch. So, basically, both these models will operate in different segments but what’s for sure is that the CURVV is sure to influence future SUVs from Tata Motors. Keeping this in mind, an expert rendering artist has visualized the three-row 6-seater version of the EV that can take on the Jeep Meridian. Here’s the making video of the illustration –

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Tata CURVV 6-seater vs Jeep Meridian Comparison

While the Tata CURVV seems to have compact dimensions that seem to make the concept a tad smaller than the likes of Hyundai Creta, its 6-seater version is a full-blown SUV that seems to be half a shoe size larger than the Safari. As seen in the video we have above, the artist has pretty much seamlessly integrated a third box into the original design of the concept and the we definitely like what we see. At the front, the three-row SUV features a sharp look similar to the recently unveiled concept but it’s at the side that things take a drastic turn. Unlike the coupe-ish look of the original model, the 3-row SUV has a traditional look with a straight roofline and almost a slab-sided profile. The alloy wheels look very trendy with a dual-tone finish and the low-profile tires lend a sporty look to the footwear.

Even the Jeep Meridian doesn’t look too much like the Compass. Even this SUV has a three-row format and can accommodate up to 7 passengers. Inside, it even features a theatre-like stadium seating along with a panoramic sunroof. On the outside, though, it features a different front-end with a unique seven-slot grille, bolder bumper, 18-inch dual-tone alloy wheels and bold skd plates. It also gets a new rear bumper, unique wraparound tail-lights, and an integrated spoiler with a high-mounted stop lamp.

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tata curvv 6-seater vs jeep meridian

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The specifications of the Tata CURVV are yet to be revealed but what we know for sure is that it would get electric as well as ICE options. Meanwhile, the Jeep Meridian will be initially sold only with a diesel powerplant that comes from the Compass. The 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine comes mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission and outputs 170hp-350Nm. It must be noted here that the Safari features the same motor albeit with a Hyundai-sourced 6-speed automatic transmission.

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