Tata Dolphin Car Larger Than Nano – Launch By 2012

Tata Nano is the first name which comes to everybody’s mind when asked about an Eco-friendly, Affordable and most significantly a common man’s car and this product from Tata seems to be drawing more and more attention across the country.


After rolling out the first 1 Lakh Rupee small car, the brand has figured out what the Indian Customers wish to buy and with the above notion in mind, this global major is working on another project based on an entirely new platform and this vehicle is secretly being called as Tata Dolphin.

Tata Dolphin Specifications And Features (Expected)

Tata Dolphin is expected to cost almost 3 times what we are presently paying to buy a Nano i.e. 3 Lakh Rupees, and if Tata is producing it then it would be worth its price. The new product is speculated to hit the dealerships in the next 18-24 months and will sport an 800CC to 1 Liter engine.

Ever thought why Tata is trying his hands in the compact car segment, and has succeeded to a certain extent? Well you should make a note of the fact that the small car segment alone contributes an eye popping 50% of what the total automotive industry holds and if this automotive firm with its dedication and economical technology excels in this segment, then it will give all other brands a sprint for their money.

Rural areas demand durable yet fuel efficient vehicles which cost low initially and only two brands namely Tata and Maruti Suzuki can fulfill all these conditions through their products. Another reason could be the possibility of better penetration into the small car segment and positive chances of increasing demands.

Engineers working for the brand are also working hard on resolving issues that recently brought Nano into the limelight with happenings of a few accidents like Vadodra Fire Incident and one previous Tata Nano fire accident in Mumbai. Before the brand launches the Dolphin, a number of Global majors like Hyundai, Nissan And Chevrolet will bring their  Hyundai 800, Nissan Micra, Chevrolet Spark 800 and what we expect is Tata to stand out from the crowd.

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