Uber Cab ‘Touches’ Tata Harrier- What Happens Next Will Shock You!

We come across some bizarre scenarios on the roads every day but this one in particular highlights the extent to which some people go in an event of road rage.

In a bizarre road rage incident, a Tata Harrier driver in Delhi hits an Uber cab with a baseball bat. The incident was reported from Delhi by an Uber customer who was in the car with her daughter when it happened. The images have been shared on Facebook. Some people take the law into their own hands and this is seen quite often on the roads. People have no fear of the consequences of their actions which propels them to undertake such extreme steps. Read the details of this outrageous act.

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uber cab maruti wagonr tata harrier
Uber customer shares a horrific account of how a Tata Harrier owner reacted in a totally unexpected manner.

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Tata Harrier Driver Hits Uber

According to the post shared by the Uber user (Kavita Malik), the Uber driver, unfortunately, scratched the car on the side of the road. In response, the driver of the Harrier took out a baseball bat and hit the cab breaking the windshield instantly. The Uber user was travelling from Gurgaon to Delhi with her daughter. They both were left traumatized by this turn of events. Such blatant display of unapologetic violence in public can’t be allowed. After doing the damage, the Harrier driver, Sandeep Mishra, fled the scene. Not only did he break the glass, but he also attacked the driver.

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According to Kavita, she and her daughter were covered in glass and were shocked to see this level of road rage. She mentions that the impact on his car was minimum which can also be confirmed by the images. Even if the impact had been more severe, one can’t turn violent in such situations but have to follow standard protocol. It is high time people keep getting away with such ridiculous acts on roads, especially in big cities where the police are just around the corner.

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uber cab maruti wagonr tata harrier
As per the account of Uber’s occupant, the Maruti WagonR cab had just ‘touched’ the Tata Harrier at a very low speed.

We hope that such people must be brought to justice and punished accordingly. Such acts must be reported and condoned. It is crucial in making our roads safer for people. Even if an unfortunate incident occurs, the concerned authorities must be intimated and the correct course of action must be followed. If you see something like this on the road, make sure to report it to the police.

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