Tata Magic Iris Is The Tata Nano Of Commercial Vehicles Launched At Auto Expo 2010

Tata Motors Launched its small and cheap commercial passenger vehicle called the Magic IRIS. It can be used as a small Taxi. It is a cheap alternative to Auto rickshaws and targeted towards the small towns and urban areas to provide a cheap public transport vehicle option. After the launch of Tata Nano in this is the next cheap vehicle launch by Tata Motors.


Once it rolls out on road, it may change the way people commute by public transport. It is covered from all sides, and cost of operating is close to an auto rickshaw and the convenience of travel in Magic IRIS is close to that of a cab. It can seat 4 Passengers comfortably, 3 at the back and 1 adjacent to the driver. The roof of Magic IRIS is sheet metal just like cars and unlike the conventional auto rickshaw which is fabric based.


The specifications of Magic IRIS are :

  • 611 CC Water Cooled CRDI Diesel Engine
  • 10 Liter Fuel Tank
  • On road high stability because of 4 wheeled sturdy design
  • Top speed of 55 KMPH
  • Comfortable seating for 4 Passengers
  • Covered from all sides
  • Price would be kept competitive


One thing that annoys me while I drive my car on Delhi roads is the way the Auto Rickshaws run at pathetic speed obstructing all traffic everywhere. Hope that the launch of Tata Magic IRIS will solve this problem to some extent.


Tata Magic IRIS will make the travel not only comfortable but also safer because of better stability of a 4 wheeled vehicle as compared to the 3 wheeled auto rickshaw.





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