Tata Manza Hybrid Car With Refreshed Styling At Auto Expo 2012


Tata Motors is going to make it big at the Auto Expo 2012. In the Auto Expo 2010, Tata showcased Tata Indica Electric Vehicle which was an instant attraction at the Tata Pavilion. This time, the eco-friendly car will be the Tata Indigo Manza Sedan with a Hybrid Drivetrain. We expected that it will be a highly fuel efficient Diesel-Electric Hybrid with Fuel efficiency of the tune of 30+ KMPL.


image – Tata Indica EV at Auto Expo 2010 for illustration only

The refreshed styling EV became the blue print for the refreshed Tata Indica Vista for India. The new Tata Manza Diesel-electric Hybrid may be a glimpse of the exteriors of future Manza at the Auto Expo 2012. Hybrid cars are known for their high fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions as a combination of Diesel engine and Electric Motors run by battery can take on the load of the car differently under different driving conditions making the car run at the maximum efficiency levels at most of the times. This ensures better fuel efficiency and lower tailpipe emissions along with improved performance. The reason why we don’t see many such cars on India roads is that they cost more to manufacture and thus offset the fuel savings. But with constantly evolving technologies and drop in the price of Hybrid vehicles, the future does seem greener. Also with the rising costs of fuel, greener alternatives will make more sense in the coming years making Hybrid and electric cars more popular.

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