Tata Motors Conducting Suspension Bush Replacement On All Tata Manza Sedans


Whether it should be called a car recall or not is a big debate going on between auto journalists and Tata Motors, but the matter of fact is that Tata Motors is replacing a component in the rear suspension of the Tata Indigo Manza sedans, this component is called “Bush” which is fitted in the rear anti-roll bar of the suspension system of Manza. The bush is a small component which is usually placed in a moving assembly to keep the friction low. The replacement exercise is being conducted on all the Tata Manza cars which are brought for service at the Tata authorized service centers and the replacement is being done free of cost. Also Tata Motors has denied any incident of an accident or complains regarding this component and they say that it is being replaced for avoid any potential inconvenience to the customers.

We have seen similar kind of recalls or replacements in many car brands in India, recent ones including the starter motor replacement of Tata Nano small cars, Battery cable cover replacement on BMW Cars, Fuel filler hose problems in Toyota Etios cars to name a few. Indigo Manza is well known for its space and comfort at an affordable price tag. Though it may not be the most luxurious or refined sedan in its class, but it surely is good value for money and delivers decent real world mileage.


image – Tata Indigo Manza sedan

Although it may hurt the image of Tata to recall cars on large scale, but at the same time replacing a potentially unreliable component proactively to avoid any inconvenience to customers is also a good move. The question is not whether it is a recall or not, the question is that do we have any strict quality norms in India to keep such problems from appearing in very first place? With the technologies getting better and testing processes in place, such problems should reduce to low levels, but there are times when very good products also run into quality issues because of a seemingly small component which poses questions on the reputation of the car maker! Anyways, if you own an Indigo Manza or yours friends or family own one, please pass on the news to them so that they can get it replaced at an authorized Tata Motors workshop.

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  1. Totally company has to take care of useless materials used in cars otherwise company will loose reputation


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