Tata Mini CAT– Air Powered Car Launch By August 2012– Details And Price


After years of hard work Tata Motors is soon going to launch its much talked about Air Car by August 2012.  Also known as Tata Mini CAT, the car is a unique product in itself as it runs of air. Yes it is true, one of the most awaited product, though less talked about, will soon be seen on Indian roads. Tata Motors along with ex-Formula One engineer and Air engine developer Guy Nègre, has developed this amazing air powered car which can attain a top speed of 105 km/h and covers 300 km with one full tank.


image – Tata Mini CAT a.k.a Air Car

Since it runs on Air, this Eco-Friendly car generates Zero emission. To keep the car efficient, the developers have kept it extremely light by not implementing welding and instead have used glue to join the chassis and compressed air powered fiber glass. Mini-CAT uses micro-transmitters for sending signals to interiors lights, headlights, indicators etc..


image – Tata Mini CAT a.k.a Air Car

One does not need any keys to enter the car as the same has been replaced by Access Card. Using the Access Card, by probably bringing it in to the proximity of a sensor, one can unlock the car.

Talking about the most important aspect, running cost, the car offers almost double the efficiency of a conventional electric car and thus it costs mere Rs. 50 per 100 km. Having less components than conventional cars, the maintenance of the car is also pretty low. The car can accommodate 6 persons at a time and is fitted with a 340 litre  compressed air storage tank. Last but not the least, the pricing of the car is expected to be around Rs.3 to Rs.4 lakh.

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