Tata Motors Planning For Next Generation Automatic Transmission Nano


Its been a while since Tata came up with the Tata Nano known as the Common Man’s car and succeeded in touching more than a billion Indians’ heart. The fact remains that people can afford a car but if someone isn’t good at driving then he/she will definitely be scared while driving a car irrespective of its price.

We are not criticizing Nano but we simply want to state here that till date no Automatic Transmission model of the same has been introduce to make driving a lot more easy and fun for people who are amateurs including aged people who some or the other way shed an appreciable amount of money for this piece of machine.

Times are going to change now since it is being reported that Tata Motors is in talks with a Canadian form for developing a CVT(Continuously Variable Transmission) for the car.


"Tata has already invested huge amount in Canada’s Quebec province and is in the process of signing a deal for supply of parts for gearless Nano with C-tech, a Montreal-based auto component maker." said Benoit-Jean Bernard, director Quebec office, Counsulate General of Canada in Mumbai.

The company is in coordination of the Canadian firm for the past two years and it is being sourced that the deal has already been signed between the two. From here on we are extremely excited to get confirmation about the same and wish that if launched, this new model should bring a lot more content to the company.

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