Tata Nano – Features Specifications Looks and Initial Review

Tata Nano is to hit Indian roads in the month of April 2009. The cars will initially be produced from Uttaranchal plant till the productions starts in Gujrat Plant. In this article I am going to talk about the features, specifications and looks of Tata Nano. I have previously published an article for comparison of  Tata Nano vs Maruti 800. In this post we are talking exclusively and in detail about Tata Nano and what you should expect out of it.


TATA NANO Features:

  • Compact and Easily Maneuverable
  • Tall Boy Design – More Head-space
  • Comfortable Seating Space for 4 Adults
  • Euro 5 Compliant Engine
  • Cheapest Car On the Planet
  • Luggage Compartment At Front
  • Crash Safety Norms Compliant
  • Built on innovative technology
  • Tubeless Tires


Technically this car has numerous innovations. Tata Motors had filed and successfully achieved several patents during development of TATA Nano because of the kind of inventions they have put in to develop world’s cheapest car.


TATA NANO Specifications :

Some key Specifications of Tata Nano are:

  • 623 CC , 2 Cylinder All Aluminum MPFI Engine
  • 33 BHP Power Output
  • Just 580 KG in weight
  • Power to weight ratio of 0.057 BHP / Kg which is better than Maruti 800
  • Super Low Pollution Emissions (Euro 5 complaint)
  • Length : 3.1 meters
  • Width : 1.5 meters
  • Height : 1.6 meters
  • Rear mounted engine


Need I say that I love the looks of Tata Nano. I feel that at the budget of approx 1 Lakh rupees that have produces a beautiful car. When i had not seen the car myself before its first public display, I had an apprehension that the cheap car might be having real cheap looks. When I saw the car the first time, all my apprehensions vanished and I quite liked the way Tata has managed to keep the look real smart and compact. It looks like a futuristic and nice design to me. I will personally rate it 8/10 in looks.


Pre Launch Review of TATA NANO:

I have not been behind the wheels of Tata Nano, but from the expert review I have read on different forums and from the people who have got the chance to drive it, it a nice car to drive. As per my analysis, the car of this dimension and weight must be easy to drive in city conditions at moderate speeds of up to 60 KMPH. Although it might not be a star performer on high speed drive on an expressway, mainly because of its low weight and power limitations, but it must be a great utility vehicle for city driving where you hardly exceed 60KMPH. I am keeping a close watch on Tata Nano’s launch, and will update this review as soon as the car comes on road for consumers. So keep tuned in.

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Updated on 5 March 2009 :

Tata has preponed the booking date to 23 March 2009. This means that you can now book your TATA Nano at any tata dealer in India starting 23 March and delivery will start from first week of April 2009. So rush to the dealer for early-bird TATA Nano bookings starting 23 March.


Updated on 23 March 2009 :

Tata Nano Prices have been just announced. The Prices are as follows:

Delhi :

Standard Version :  Rs. 1,12,735 ex showroom Pantnagar and   Rs. 123360 ex-showroom Delhi

CX Version : Rs 1,45,725 ex-showroom Pantnagar and  Rs. 1,51,360 in Delhi ex-showroom Delhi

LX Version:  Rs 1,70,360 ex-showroom Pantnagar and Rs 1,72,360 ex-showroom Delhi

On road price will be more. Approx

Rs. 1,30,000 for Tata Nano  Standard,

about Rs. 1,55,000 for Tata Nano CX

and Rs. 1,90,000 for Tata Nano LX version

These Price are applicable for first one lakh vehicles manufactured from Pantnagar Plant and will be allotted to people on the basis of lottery system. You can book your Tata Nano by filling up a form which costs Rs. 300 and by paying a deposit amount or Rs. 3000 with duly filled form and identity proof along with the form. One person can apply for one Tata Nano car only at this time.

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