Tata Nano Launches In Jamaica On December 15th 2012– Details

Dreamed to revolutionize the Indian small car market during its launch, the world’s cheapest car, Tata Nano, couldn’t quite live up to it because of a series of marketing and technical flaws with the vehicle. Dwindling sales figures and lack of interest at a point of time put Tata in cold feet about all the investment having been done to carry out the design and development of the vehicle. Times have changed now however. Tata has worked upon the technical flaws and ironed them out, and the marketing strategies have seen a major overhaul. Sales figures have started improving yet far from their dream target.

Tata Nnao Launch In Jamaica

To achieve good sales volumes, Tata has been looking at overseas markets where there might be significant demand for the product like south east Asian countries and neighboring countries of India too. Now, Tata is taking a step further and has gone all the way to Jamaica with the Nano. There are even some reports stating that Tata is thinking about setting up an assembly plant in Mexico to assemble its range of cars that will also include the Nano. Tata Motor’s distributor in Jamaica, Metis Motors will be importing and distributing the car in the initial phases in the country.

Only the top-end variant of the Nano will be made available in the market and deliveries will start from 15th of December. Metis Motors will start building the stock inventory from February 2013. As a part of the promotional campaign, there are 2 Tata Nano demo vehicles that are doing rounds of the country. Liveries painted on the cars which say how much one need to spend on fuel to take the Nano from Kingston to Montego Bay and Kingston to Ocho Rios. Some also say that the Nano has a fuel economy of 60 mpg or 26 KMPL. Mr. Joe Ferreira, director of new markets at Metis Motors said: “A lot of people are skeptical, will always love bigger and better. I hear people complain it does not have a nose.”

source- Jamaica Gleaner