Tata Nano Micro Hybrid To Increase Tata Nano’s Mileage


There have been various discussions and buzz about the possibility of a Micro-Hybrid version of the Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car. The Tata Nano is already very fuel efficient owing to its low weight and innovative technologies incorporated in the engine and developing Tata Nano. The rumors have been taking rounds in Media and has not been confirmed yet by the Tata Motors. The addition of a micro-hybrid system to Tata Nano will further increase the mileage of Tata Nano to about 10% more than the existing mileage figures of 23.6 KMPL, which means the Nano could deliver a mileage of about 26 KMPL if fitted with an efficient micro-hybrid start-stop system.




Will there be a micro-hybrid version of Tata Nano or not will depend on Tata, but the downside of having a micro-hybrid system on Nano will be increased cost. The cost increases because usually a micro-hybrid uses a more robust battery and starter system along with sensors and other equipment which shuts down the engine of the car when the car is stationary for a while and starts the car automatically when the clutch is depressed.  Will the increased cost justify the fuel economy? Maybe it will, but we are not even sure whether there will be a such variant or not.

What seems more likely is the diesel version of the Tata Nano which is under testing and will deliver a whooping mileage of around 40 KMPL which features a 700 CC two cylinder engine developed with help of Bosch. Having a diesel engine with high mileage is much more lucrative compared to having a petrol with start stop in terms of fuel economy. Also having a start stop system with Diesel is the best combination which can boost the fuel economy but may increase the cost too much. We will keep a keen eye on the situation and will update you with the latest happenings on Tata Nano. You can like our official Facebook Page for regular updates or sign up for our free email newsletter.

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