Tata Nano No Longer Remains The 1 Lakh Rupee Car


Tata has never been in news until it came with with an entirely new concept of manufacturing world’s cheapest car which was to be small and economical. Eversince the Tata’s announced this all the media attention was deviated towards them.Soon the company launched the so called 1 Lakh Rupee car and stood upto everybody’s expectations.

Named as Tata Nano the car became very popular within a bat of an eyelid and was started being known as the Common Man’s Car. People started flooding to nearest dealerships to get one such car booked and for the customers’ encouragement, the company announced of selling first 1 lakh cars at the price tag of Rs. 1 lakh.

The company till date has sold an appreciable number and every time when Tata Nano’s booking are opened,the company to prove its loyalty sells the first 1 lakh cars at the same price.

Tata Nano

First the 2010 Indian budget was responsible for an increase of nearly 30,000 rupees whose accomplice became the BS IV emission norms making the car’s on-road price increase by Rs. 5000 and the latest news to join the train is that the car’s prices will be increased by 3-5 percent as announced by the brand.

When asked from the officials they stated,“Despite a steep increase in input prices, their (retainee-customers) Tata Nanos are being priced only three- four per cent higher, depending on the model, than the price announced at launch.The terms and conditions of booking had provided that the applicable price of the car for a retainee-customer would be notified at the time of delivery. Also, as announced at the booking, they have received interest on their deposit.”

The first 1 lakh customers will not be included in the list of price revision while the rest who have booked Nano are being informed of the price hike. The reason for this hike is expected to be the rising input costs and BS IV emission norms, which has made every company to alter their engines in order to satisfy the latter.

And rewarding the customers loyalty towards the brand, it had also announced of offering the buyers with a choice of either a one-year free annual maintenance contract(AMC) or free accessories worth Rs.4000/- or an extended warranty.

Revised Price Of Tana Nano

The company has rolled out three models Standard, CX and LX whose on-road prices were expected as follows:-

  • Rs. 1,30,000 for Tata Nano  Standard,
  • Rs. 1,55,000 for Tata Nano CX
  • Rs. 1,90,000 for Tata Nano LX version

Revised prices(approximate) of the above variants after 2-5 percent increase:-

  • Rs. 1,36,500 for Tata Nano  Standard
  • Rs. 1,62,500 for Tata Nano CX
  • Rs. 2,05,000 for Tata Nano LX version

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