Tata Punch vs Hyundai Casper Design Comparison!

Here is an interesting comparison between two upcoming micro-SUVs, Tata Punch and Hyundai Casper. The arrival of these two products in the entry-level SUV segment will introduce an entirely new dynamic in the market. People will have access to some form of SUVs at an attractive price point. The general is already swaying towards the SUVs and these products will ensure a deep penetration in the heart of the Indian automobile market. The reasons for smaller SUVs are numerous including people looking for more practicality in terms of space and good ground clearance to reach the far-flung regions of the country. These two micro-SUVs will accomplish that and much more. Let us compare these two products from a design point of view.

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Tata Punch vs Hyundai Casper Design Comparison

Tata Punch vs Hyundai Casper Design Comparison

Tata Punch

The Punch resembles its HBX concept a lot. Tata had promised at the Auto Expo 2020, that the production version of the HBX will retain more than 90% of the concept’s visuals. That was the main reason why it had gathered so much attention from the visitors then. The HBX was strong, bold and muscular. One can easily mistake it for a proper SUV with its stance and upright front fascia. The official image of the product spec confirms these claims. The front of the Punch represents the modern and latest Impact 2.0 Design Language from Tata Motors. The micro-SUV will be based on the new ALFA-ARC platform which will underpin future Tata products too. The front has a split headlamp set up with LED DRLs on the bonnet and the actual headlamps down on the bumper.

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Hyundai Casper

Being the new and modern micro-SUV from Hyundai, the Casper sports a completely modern exterior design. The front hosts the typical modern split headlamp type design with LED DRLs on the bonnet and actual headlamps on the bumper below. The black material between the LED DRLs looks nice. The main grille is a massive one and has a unique design pattern. The round headlamps with circular surround LED rings are placed on either side of the grille. A faux skid plate is also to be seen below the front bumper. The side profile is devoid of any characteristic sharp creases and wears a simple design. The alloys look really stylish along with roof-rails. The rear mirrors the front in that the circular lights are placed on either side of the bumper too. The main taillamps have a unique modern design and are placed in a black glass-like structure.

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There is no clear winner in this comparison between Tata Puncha and Hyundai Casper. Both these products are completely different in terms of exterior design and will find attention from various types of customers. The Punch is a proper SUV in the traditional sense with an upright stance, bold looks, rugged built and great ground clearance. The Casper, on the other hand, is a modern SUV with the latest design language from Hyundai and will attract customers for its unique appearance and modern tech features. Therefore, one can’t really go wrong with either of these.

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