Tata Sumo Grande Is Now Tata Grande– Pictures and Details Leaked


Tata Motors has dropped the Tata Sumo label from the Tata Sumo Grande, it will not be called Tata Grande instead. The official launch and announcement is expected soon. The pictures and brochure shows cosmetic uplifts, new graphics and styling while the structure of the SUV has not changed much. The branding and graphics are the highlights of this new model with minor uplifts. There has been no change in the engine or transmission, the prices are also expected to remain unchanged.

Tata Grande

image- Tata Grande 2011 Brochure

Tata Grande will be powered the the same 2.2 Litre CRDI (DICOR) Diesel Engine which delivers 120 PS Power at 4000 RPM and 250 Nm of Max toque between 1500 and 3000 RPM. The Tata Grande 2.2 Litre Engine is mated to 5 speed manual transmission. The front suspension of the Grande is independent wishbone suspensions and rear is parabolic leaf spring type. It drives on wide 235/70 R16 wheels.


image- Tata Grande 2011 Front

The interiors of Tata Grande have not gone under any major changed, however, there might be some nooks and corners which might have got some improvements.


image- Tata Grande 2011 Interiors

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Image credits and Source-  IAB

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