Tata Says Nano Is Safe – Will Inspect All Nano Cars For Safety Inspection


The two independent fire incidents of the iconic car the Tata Nano in past few months have led to lot of fear in the minds of Tata Nano owners and potential buyers. Tata Motors have finally come up with a conclusion after long investigation into both these incidents conducted by a team of 20 members from Tata Motors and an independent forensic expert.

The investigations have revealed that the two fire incidents were not related. The Nano Fire Accident in Mumbai has been suspected because of the presence of some foreign matter on the hot exhaust of the car which led to fire. The Vadodra Nano Fire Accident was found to be because of a ruptured fuel-line of the car.

After these findings, Tata Motors have declared the Tata Nano as safe and it will perform a safety inspection for all the Tata Nano users in India free of cost. The safety inspection are not a part of any recall, rather these are intended to inspect any safety flaws etc. in these cars. If any flaws are found in particular cars, they will be fixed by Tata. Tata will contact Nano customers and will fix appointments for such inspections.

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